Monday, 23 August 2010

Learning to Ride a Bike by Leanne

One of our longtime goals has been to teach Maddie how to ride a bike. We've tried here and there but usually it's too hot, we don't have enough space, it's too hard or whatever...

But this summer on one of those lovely cool, breezy nights, we packed up the two kid's bikes and headed to the local park for a little practice. What was amazing was that it actually didn't take Maddie very long at all to learn (although even forty minutes when you're the parent running along side of her can seem like a painfully long time!) :-) In the end, Daddy had the magic touch and soon, Maddie was off on her own! It was an exciting evening.

Shaky to begin with...

Innocent (or not so innocent?) bystander



The next rider...coming soon

clay! by Maddie

I love clay! exspesholy when I have friends over. Me and Erin made ice cream cakes. My friend Analise made Hello Kitty. Lauryn, her little sister made a doll.

Sunday, 15 August 2010

Swimming with the Pickerells by Erin

(typed by Mommy)

Analise and Lauren and Sophie are our friends. Sometimes they come over and play with us and then we go swimming. We like to play in the water. And then we go home and play and then I think we eat lunch.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

Summer Nights by Leanne

This summer, everyone tried to eat a little better and be a little healthier. We swam almost every day and in the evenings, we would go to the park for a run/walk (and brought Hubie with us). The summer evenings are beautiful in Taipei - still warm but with a nice cool breeze and no hot sun. Half of Tien Mu joined us in the park and it was always a nice family-centric, fun, party-ish atmosphere with everyone smiling and chatting as they ran or walked around the track. If you know me, you know I'm not normally a lover of exercise :-), but those summer nights were so much fun and will remain a favourite memory of mine.

Hubie! by Maddie

It was fun taking care of Hubie. I learned how to play tug-a-war! It was tiring taking Hubie on his walks but it was fun. I wish I could have the same kind of dog as Hubie. he was a good dog but some times he was a little naughty which was funny.oh!he just loved peanut butter. :-)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Kid's Toys

(by Leanne)

This summer, the kids have had a great time just hanging out and playing with their toys. I love the intricate and elaborate story lines Maddie and Erin can spin when they are together!

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Going to Analise and Lauren's House

Erin (typed by Mommy):

I went to Analise and Lauren's house. I maded cookies to bring over there. I played at their house. The cookies were yummy.